Newsletter – January 2015

Newsletter - January 2015

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

January has many of our customers busy preparing for bridal shows. In the How To section of this issue, we want to highlight the bridal shower / wedding cookie as these are great as favours for both bridal showers and weddings!

Package them in a cellophane bag with your business card and hand them out at bridal shows!

Hint: For cake designs and ideas, look through the bridal magazines for this year’s “in” colours, flowers, patterns, etc…

Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is around the corner so incorporate a bit of that in your display for those Valentine’s Day weddings!
Happy New Year and Happy Reading!


Products used to make this cakes:
This lovely cake was decorated using: 173S – Lily of the Valley – Small , 168MN – Ivy Leaves – Mini and W26M – 26 Gauge Moss Green Wires.

For more information on the tools used to make these cakes, please contact us Toll Free: 1-888-805-3444 or send us an email at

Flower of the Month!

Carnation Flower

Originally from the Mediterranean region, these fragant blooms with curled petal margins come in a wide range of colours – solid whites, yellows, pinks and reds, with mottled or striped variations. Carnations can be used as main flowers in arrangements or as secondary flowers with Roses or Sweet Peas. Green Ivy is an excellent compliment.

Parts of the flowers: Multi-petalled with calyx

122L – Carnation Cutter TPK1008 – Palette Knife
123 – Calyx Cutter TFMATM – Foam Flower Mat
TRUF18 – Ruffle Stick PBWATERL – Water Brush – Large
W24M – 24 Gauge Moss (Dark) Green Wire GFTH562 – Moss Green Floral Tape
TPINL – Rolling Pin and Board Set TX211 – X-acto Knife
Dusting Colours Wire Cutters
Cornstarch Shortening
Figure_1 Figure_2
Step 1: Cut out flower ‘A’. Step 2: With an X-Acto knife, cut the edges of the petal with small cuts making a larger cut in the curve of the scallop.
Step 3: Place the flower on a small amount of cornstarch, with the ruffle stick, ruffle around the cut edges of the flower. Step 4: Paint a small amount of water in the centre of the flower.
Step 5: Fold the flower in half Step 6: Pleat the flower together and shape.
Step 7: Pleat the flower together and shape. Step 8: Make a hook at the end of the wire and dip into water.
Step 9: Pull the wire through the centre of the flower. Let dry. Step 10: Roll paste very thinly ad cut out calyx.
Step 11: Paint a small amount of water onto the calyx and wrap around the base of the flower. Let dry. Final Product

January’s Recipe:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bark:

– 2 Cups – Dark Chocolate (Melted)
– 1 Cup – Pretzels (Cut into small pieces)
– 1/3 Cup – Peanut Butter – Melted (Either Smooth or Crunchy Taste)
– Non-Stick Mat
– Spatula

1. Melt down the dark chocolate in the microwave until soft (Defrost Level). Then pour the peanut butter into the melted chocolate.
2. Incorporate, into the mixture, the pieces of pretzels. Stir until well combined.
3. Pour out on to a non-stick mat. Spread the mixture evenly with a spatula. (Spread as thin as possible)
4. Allow to set.
5. Using melted chocolate drizzle across the surface of the bark. Allow to set.
6. Break into pieces and serve.

Readers Questions:

I always cover my cake board with sugarpaste, how do I keep them pristine and not have crumbs and marks on the board? Home decorator, Scranton.

This is a very good question as you have now extended the life of your cake.
– Cover your board at least two days before you cover the cake. (This allows the surface to dry)
– Tear strips of parchment paper or grease proof paper and lay them all around the edge of the cake board.
– Place the cake on the board over the paper.
– Cover your cake on the board.
– Hold your bowl scraper to the edge of the cake and remove the paper.
– Make a bead border around the cake to seal the cake in sugar.


Crimping originated in Europe, were made of wood and called marzipan nippers. Crimpers come in three sizes and now in metal and plastic. They are a simple technique used to decorate the top edge and sides of cakes, cake boards, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, pies, sugarpaste, fondant, marzipan, to name a few.


Metal Crimpers:

grease crimper pinch crimper
Step 1:Lightly grease the end of the crimper with shortening.
Hint: Place an elastic band around the crimper to maintain the same size opening.
Step 2:Insert the crimper into the paste to the top of the teeth. Pinch (squeeze) together, RELEASE and remove.
repeat steps crimpers Step 3: Repeat the previous step until the desired look has been achieved around the cake.


Plastic Crimpers:

Insert the crimpers to the depth of the teeth, remove, and repeat until the desired pattern is achieved.
Suggestion:Take a pack of cream cheese and one crimper and make as many patterns as you can, recording the ones you like. Repeat with each of the crimpers in turn.

Cake decorated with crimpers:


crimpers_side1 crimpers_side2
crimpers_side3 crimpers_side4

Cupcakes decorated with crimpers:

heart_crimper_sample petal_crimper_sample
diamond_crimper_sample curved_lines_hearts_crimper_sample
curved_lines_crimper_sample holly_crimper_sample

How To:
Bridal Shower Cookies:

January is an important month for bridal shows. Cake designs, cake tasting, cupcakes, truffles are all part of the presentation and displays.

We forget the bridal shower which is an important event as well. Greet the prospective bride with a bridal cookie, to enhance your business by offering wedding shower cookies decorated to fit the occasion.

Wedding showers are where friends and relatives gather together to plan and organize the major event of a future wedding.

N.B: Package them in a cellophane bag with your business card and hand them out at bridal shows!

GCEC70 – Bridal Set – Eyelet Plungers:

The bridal cookie set of 3:
Wedding Dress: 2 3/4″ x 3″
Wedding Cake: 2 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Purse: 2 7/8″ x 2 1/2″

For more information about this product CLICK HERE


step_1_cookies.jpg step_2_cookies.jpg
Step 1:
– Spread a small amount of all purpose flour on the work surface to prevent the dough from sticking.- Roll the cookie dough with the rolling pin until desired thickness.
Step 2:– Cut out the cookies using the plunger cutter of your choice.- Hold the plunger firmly and press the cookie dough on the pattern of the plunger to ensure the details.

Follow instructions on how to bake the cookies from your favourite sugar cookies recipe. When cool, decorate them using royal icing, sugarpaste, pearls or any other enhancements of choice.

Plain Cookies

Decorated Cookies