Cookie Plunger Cutters Set – How To Tutorial

Bridal Shower Cookies
January is an important month for bridal shows. Cake designs, cake testing, cupcakes, truffles are all part of the presentation and displays.
We forget the bridal shower which is an important event as well. Greet the prospective bride with a bridal cookie, to enhance your business by offering wedding shower cookies decorated to fit the occasion.
Wedding showers are where friends and relatives gather together to plan and organize the major event of a future wedding.
N.B: Package them in a cellophane bag with your business card and hand them out at bridal shows!

Cookie Plunger Sets – How To:

Required Materials:

–¬†Cookie Plunger Cutter Set of Choice – Your favourite sugar cookie recipe


Step 1. Spread a small amount of all purpose flour on the work surface to prevent the dough from sticking.- Roll the cookie dough with the rolling pin until desired thickness. Step 2.Cut out the cookies using the plunger cutter of your choice.- Hold the plunger firmly and press the cookie dough on the pattern of the plunger to ensure the details.

Follow instructions on how to bake the cookies from your favourite sugar cookies recipe. When cool decorate them using royal icing, sugarpaste / fondant, pearls or any other enhancements of choice.

Plain Cookies


Decorated Cookies














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