Covering a Cake with Sugarpaste

Covering a Cake with Sugarpaste

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Required Materials:

– Sugarpaste RTR (rolled Fondant) – Rolling Pin (NOT MARBLE)
– Powdered Sugar – Smoother or Scraper
– Powdered Food Color – Cake (Real or Styrofoam)


  1. Apply a thin coating of buttercream, boiled apricot jam or alcohol to the cake surface. Soft cakes, such as sponge cakes may need to be chilled before covering.
  2. Remove desired quantity, seal the remainder in a bag as this will keep it from drying out. (See quantity guide for specific amount required).
  3. Lightly dust your work surface with sifted powdered sugar. Do Not use cornstarch as this will dry the Sugarpaste out too quickly. Knead the Sugarpaste well. Add powdered color if desired.
  4. Roll out desired thickness (about 1/8th of an inch thick) on a light dusting of powdered sugar to avoid sticking. 
  5. Lift and turn Sugarpaste frequently using the Roll-A-Towel method to avoid having the Sugarpaste stick to your work surface. 
  6. *(Remember not to turn the Sugarpaste over, as this will require using too much powdered sugar, therefore, changing the consistency of the Sugarpaste).
  7. Lift the rolled out Sugarpaste up with the rolling pin and place onto the cake; roll across the top surface to remove any air that has accumulated between the Sugarpaste and the cake. Look for and remove any air pockets by piercing the air pocket at an angle with a pin. Then use your finger to press the air out and seal with royal icing.
  8. To smooth the Sugarpaste down the sides of the cake, use one hand to lift the edge of the Sugarpaste away from the cake like a dress while using the other hand to smooth down the sides.
  9. With smoother, smooth the edges removing all creases.
  10. Trim excess using a sharp knife, and return to box, save your colored Sugarpaste separately.

**Refer to Tips for additional help and hints.**

Tips and Recommended Weights


  • A marble surface being cold will cause the sugarpaste to become firm.
  • Cornstarch is not recommended as it is a drying agent.
  • Sugarpaste can also be used to cover your cake board, (use piping jelly for adhesion). This will help to extend the shelf life of your cake.
  • ML Sugarpaste will attract hair, cotton and other fibers, so be sure to work on a very clean surface.
  • If you normally have cold hands be sure to place them under hot water for a few seconds to warm them.
  • Sugarpaste can be softened by placing in a microwave on high for a maximum of 30 seconds.(Care should be taken to avoid a sugar burn).
  • While liquid colors tend to fade, powdered colors do not.
  • For darker colors it is recommended to use a combination of paste and powder as too much of one type will change the consistency of the sugarpaste, either too dry or soft.

Sugarpaste Quantity Guide:

Round Shaped Cakes:

Diameter Cake Height Required Weight
3” 3/4 pound
8” 3” 1 pound
9” 3” 1 pound
10” 3” 1 3/4 pounds
12” 3” 2 pounds
14” 3” 2 1/2 pounds

N.B: These weights are the starting quantity of sugarpaste required to roll out in order to cover the cake. Sugarpaste should be rolled out to a thickness of 1/8”, thinner if possible to handle it.

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