Decorating with Quilting Markers Online Interactive Demo

Decorating with Quilting Markers
Online Interactive Demo

Date: Monday October 6th, 2014
Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm Eastern Daylight Time
Fee: US$34.95 ea demo or US$90.00 for all three demos.(all major credit cards accepted. Fee can be paid using Paypal)

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Quilting designs around the sides of your cake create an air of elegance and beauty. They have been very popular for many years, and are suitable for a number of occasions (Engagements, Weddings, Bridal Showers, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Batmitzvahs, etc.) In this program you will learn, how Geraldine’s quilting markers make this a snap. Transform a whole 3-tier cake from “ordinary” to “extraordinary” in 45 minutes. See up close how different marker designs create different effects. Learn how to quickly and easily finish off the design with icing, flowers or pearls. Add some of these tools to your repertoire and your clients will be thrilled by your creativity, never knowing how easy the process was for you.


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Format of the Demo:

We have already pre-recorded Geraldine teaching each topic, and our plan is to share the recording with you in three segments. After each segment we will stop the recording so that Geraldine can respond to live questions from participants. The recording focuses directly on her hands and the pieces she is working on, and you will hear her describe the process in detail. When we turn to questions, the camera will focus on her. You will be invited to type your questions directly onto the computer screen, and she will respond to as many as we have time for. In this way you get the best of both worlds – clear close-up video of the project and an opportunity to interact “live” with an international leader in cake decorating.

Local Times:

Location Local Time
Newfoundland (St. John’s) 8:00 PM
Maritime (Halifax) 7:30 PM
Eastern (Toronto, New York) 6:30 PM
Central (Winnipeg, Minneapolis) 5:30 PM
Mountain (Calgary, Salt Lake City) 4:30 PM
British Columbia (Vancouver) 3:30 PM


These creative demos will be offered online by Internet. All you need is:
– A computer (If using a tablet, please go to your App Store and download the free App for Adobe Connect)
– High speed Internet.
– Speakers.
We will also provide a toll-free telephone number, in case your own Internet connection isn’t quite strong enough to support clear sound.