How to accent a cleat with Bling!

How to accent a cleat with Bling!
The reason for cleats is to make the cake easier to pick up, to handle, ship, and leave the cake with a professional finished look.

Cleats are a valuable accessory in our kitchen. They are card board circles 3 inch wide by ¾ inch high and sold in set of 4 and glued to the cake board. This allows the cake to be picked up easily with out breaking or damaging the cake, especially if it is a stacked cake of two or more tiers. Delivery by car on a piece of foam helps to stop the cake from moving in the car. Very important it allows me to put tulle, leaves, petals under the edge of the board to make a professional finished cake on display.

N.B. Cleats are usually hidden under the cake board but can be decorated and shown as part of the cake set up.

Required Materials:

Bling – Rhinestone Mesh of choice – Glue Gun
– Scissors – CLEATS – Paper Cleats


Step 1. Cut the rhinestone mesh (Bling) the width of the cleat. Step 2. With the glue gun, place a line of glue along the cleat.
Step 3. Place the rhinestone mesh along the area that has glue. Step 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the cleat is completely covered with the rhinestone mesh.
gold_silver_and_blue_silver_cleats green_red_cleats

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