Lace Mat How – To

Geraldine’s Lace Mat How – To
Geraldine developed these Lace Mat Sheets to eliminate the endless hours spent piping fragile lace pieces. In a few easy steps numerous pieces can be made. The longest time is allowing the royal icing or chocolate dry firm enough so the pieces are able to be handled.

Required Materials:

Geraldine’s Lace Mat Sheet of choice – Non-Toxic Disco Dust Colour – Optional
– TSOB04 – Off-Set Handle Spatula – Paper Towel
MLRIP1 – ML Royal Icing Mix – Spray Oil
C502 – Gum Arabic – Basket Cellophane Wrap
TPK1008 – Palette Knife


Step 1. Prepare your royal icing. If using a mix be sure to follow the recipe exactly.

HINT: Add a pinch of Gum Arabic to your royal icing as this will make the lace pieces have more strength

Step 2.Cut a piece of basket cellophane wrap 11″ x 7″. Wash both sides, be sure to dry the cello wrap very well with paper towel.

S1 S2
Step 3. Spray a small amount of spray oil onto the cello wrap. Step 4.Wipe the cello wrap with a paper towel to coat the enitre surface with a light film of oil.
S3 S4
Step 5. Lay the desired lace mat sheet on the oiled side of the cello wrap. Step 6. Using the offset spatula and royal icing spread a thin amount over the entire mat.
S5 S6
Step 7. Make sure that each cavity is filled entirely and that there are no holes. Step 8. Scrap the mat clean using the side of the blade of an offset spatula. You may find it easier to do one half and then the other.
S7 S8
Step 9. At this stage you may wish to add colouring to the pieces. Leave the mat down to ensure colour only where you want it.If colour is not needed proceed to Step 11. Step 10. Taking a small amount of non-toxic disco dust on the tip of the palette knife, gently sprinkle area where colour is desired.
S9 S10
Step 11. Starting from the bottom left hand corner life the lace mat to remove.  Step 12. Continue removing the mat from the cello wrap and lace pieces in a gently motion
S11 S13
Step 13. Allow pieces to thoroughly dry before using. Preferably overnight. Step 14. Once dried, use the palette knife and gently slide it under the lace piece in order to pick it up from the cello wrap. If you find it easier, you can gently curl the cello wrap while sliding the knife under.

Step 15. From the palette knife you can adhere them on the cake using royal icing.

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