Quilting Markers How – To [Video Available]

Quilting Markers How-To

Decorating a 3 tier cake in 45 minutes with Quilting Markers
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Quilting designs for cakes have been very popular for many years, and they are suitable for a number of occasions (Engagements, Weddings, Bridal Showers, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Bar & Bat Mitzvhas, etc.) Geraldine Randlesome has made the technique as easy as 1,2,3.


Quilting Marker (31 styles to choose from) – TSCRAP – Plastic Scraper
– Cake freshly covered with sugarpaste


Step 1. Place your scraper on the top of the freshly covered cake to avoid finger impressions on the surface of the cake.

step1Step 2. Take the desired quilting marker (31 designs to choose from) and place the marker at the desired starting point on the cake.

Step 3. Be sure that the bottom point or curve is touching the cake board and standing straight up.

Step 4. Gently push the marker in with even pressure, you may wish to slightly rock the marker from side to side to get a clear impression.

step2Step 5.Line the marker up again, ensuring that the marker is point to point of the pattern then press into the sugar paste.

Step 6. Continue around the cake in the same manner until completed.

Step 7. Cake decorator’s discretion is required on the last section on the cake to ensure the integrity of the pattern matches up.

Step 8. If the top of the cake does not have a finished pattern when doing the steps outlined above, roll the marker over the top edge of the cake to finish the pattern.

step3Hint: Enhance the cake to suit the occasion by adding embellishments such as sugar pearls, miniature hearts, rain droppings, etc.

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