Side Stencil How -To

Side Stencil – How To

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Step 1. Begin by taking your side stencil of choice and placing it on the desired area of your cake, ensuring your stencil is flat against your cake, using pins to keep your stencil in place Step 2. Take your royal icing mixture and while holding your stencil steady, run a layer of roayal icing over your stencil with an angled spatula, spreading and filling the stencil pattern evenly.
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Step 3. Next take your plastic scraper, and scrape over the stencil to remove any excess of royal icing. In addition to removing the excess, this will also help fill in any gaps. Step 4. If you are going to be airbrushing over your royal icing, take your airbrush gun and colour of choice, and begin spraying (multiple colours may be applied).
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Hint: When getting ready to spray your airbrush always do a test spray on a scrap piece of paper. If you are going to be applying a lustre, or a precious powder to your cake, dry dust your powder on to of your wet royal icing. You can use a triangular sponge for this step to ensure even application.
 step_5_side_stencil Step 5. Very carefully remove your stencil from your cake immediately after you are finished applying royal icing and airbrush colour, lustre dust, or precious powder of choice. Make sure to fill any noticeable pin marks with royal icing that is the same colour as your fondant.

Step 6. For a consistent defined pattern be sure to wash your stencil after each application. Results will vary based on your application techniques, royal icing consistency, and airbrush techniques. Be sure to test the patterns and applications prior to use on the cake to ensure you achieve desired results.

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